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In 1999, founders of Hantek has foreseen the foreground of USB interface would be wide, and began to develop USB interface oscilloscopes based on SCYPRESS and Quicklogic chips. In 2001, we have invented DSO-220 USB, an oscilloscope with plug and play USB interface, no need to power supply, portable and convenient, which is mainly exported to America, Europe and many other developed countries through ODM pattern. Later, our engineers have continued to research and release several series USB oscilloscopes with bandwidth 60MHz to 300MHz.

      In 2003, we have been first to release the USB arbitrary waveform generators/bit generators.

In 2004, the research of 500MHz USB logic analyzer has succeeded.

In 2008, we have released DSO1000 series handheld oscilloscopes based on our research experiences in analog oscilloscopes and USB oscilloscopes for many years, which could be seemed as a milestone in Chinese oscilloscope filed.

 In 2010, we have released DSO5000 series benchtop oscilloscopes based on Linux operation system, 800X480 high resolution and WVGA display. Part of models have supported to be operated with mouse and customized software.

In 2010, we have released DSO3000 series 4CH USB mixed signal oscilloscopes. It is the first  4CH USB mixed signal oscilloscope with high-speed WIFI  communication. It has 4 analog channels, 16 digital channels, arbitrary waveform output channel, complicated and perfect automobile test function.

In 2010, we have released DSO1000B series handheld oscilloscopes, with 60MHz-200MHz bandwidth, 1GSa/s sample rate, 1M memory depth, 6000 counts DMM, 5.6 inch TFT color LCD display, and high resolution(640*480).   

In 2011, we have released DSO1000S series isolated handheld oscilloscope whose oscilloscope, multimeter and USB interface sections are all isolated from each other. At the same time, we have developed DSO3062L-2CH oscilloscope, logic analyzer and DSO3062AL-4 in 1 multifunctional test instrument.

In 2012, we have released DSO6000 series USB oscilloscope and Arb. waveform generator. The USBXI interface is facilitative to achieve the combination instrument system with low cost, and easy to reach the clock synchronization and trigger synchronization when combined with other USBXI devices.

In 2013, we have released USBXI combinational test instrument which can do synchronous processing between modules. The optional module includes oscilloscope, DMM, logical analyzer, programmable power supply, signal generator, frequency indicator, field intensity meter, frequency analyzer and so on.

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