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"Greeting Mid-Autumn Festival " Hantek Launches Multi-function Signal Source HDG6000 Series
date : 2018-09-07 11:24

As an innovative practitioner in the test and measurement industry, Hantek has been striving for excellence in researching and developing new products and technologies for more than a decade, and continuously expanded its product lines to fulfill customers’ various demands. On September 2018, Hantek officially launched a new generation of large-storage, high-resolution and high-sampling rate multi-function arbitrary waveform generator---HDG6000B series and HDG6000C series.

HDG6000 series is a signal generator that combines arbitrary waveform generator, pulse generator, 16-bit word generator, 7-digit cymometer, and function generator functions in one, that meet your needs with all capacity and time. It is equipped with a sampling rate of up to 1.25Gs/s and 16bits vertical resolution and 64M memory depth, which easily achieve stable, accurate, low distortion signal output; Large screen, user-friendly interface design and keyboard layout simplify operation and use; More than 40 type built-in arbitrary waveforms are easier to simulate various engineering signals; A wide range of standard configuration interfaces enable users to remote control this generator easily.

In addition, HDG6000C series with a 7-inch high-definition touch screen that supports multiple gestures to quickly output arbitrary waveforms. Excellent performance and technical parameters make amazing experience. With the high-quality goods and first-class service, Hantek will continue to provide safe, durable and accurate digital instruments to users around the world.