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Hantek launched a new generation portable LCR high precision test instrument
October 22, 2019

     2019.10 Hantek launched a new generation LCR high precision test instrument.As one of many new products of Hantek in 2019,LCR high precision test instrument not only has the features of novel and compact appearance, stable and durable, but also has the advantages of rich detection function and accurate measurement.Standard with four functions:R-X measurement、C-D measurement、L-Q measurement和Z-θ measurement,easy to test and maintain inductor, capacitance, resistance and other components.In addition, the appearance of the machine adopts the design of double shock protection sleeve,full protection of the machine to use longer, do more secure measurement;personalized keyboard layout makes operation more easily and measurement more conveniently;the large screen and dual display make the test results clear.

First-class quality, first-class service,Hantek will continue to provide global users with safe, durable, accurate digital instruments.