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Qingdao Hantek | Wonderful Review of the 57th China Higher Education Expo
September 6, 2022
The 57th China Higher Education Expo was held in Xi'an International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of "School-Location Aggregation?Industry-Education Integration: High-quality Development", this expo showcased the innovation and development of modern education in multiple dimensions. Qingdao Hantek was invited to participate in this exhibition and brought oscilloscope, signal source, multimeter, program-controlled power supply and other educational and teaching equipments to the exhibition site.
It was August, and the hot weather ignited the warm atmosphere of the scene. Experts, leaders, teachers, and students gathered together to integrate and communicate in terms of professionalism, needs, use, and feedback, to help the high-quality development of education.
During the exhibition, many experts, leaders and teachers visited the booth many times to learn about the application of Hantek products and solutions in practical scenarios.
It includes Hantek's main products: DPO7000 series digital Phosphor oscilloscope, HDM3065 series high-precision multimeter, HDG3000 series multi-channel waveform generator, HDP4000 series linear programmable power supply.
DPO7000 series digitalPhosphor oscilloscope
DPO7000 series digital Phosphor oscilloscope is equipped with a 10.1-inch touch screen. It integrates four-channel oscilloscope, signal source, 16-channel logic analyzer, spectrum analysis, Bode plot, power analysis and other functions.It has the characteristics of high sampling, high bandwidth, high storage and high capture rate.It is a rare debugging instrument in many industries and fields such as communication, aerospace, national defense, embedded system, computer, research and education.
HDG3000 series multi-channel waveform generator
HDG3000C integrates five functions of arbitrary waveform generator, pulse generator, function generator, harmonic generator and frequency meter; it adopts DDS direct digital frequency synthesis technology to generate stable, pure and low-distortion output signal; humanized Interface design and keyboard layout bring users extraordinary experience; the rich configuration interface can easily realize the computer control of the instrument and provide more solutions for users to measure.
HDM3065 series high precision multimeter
Six-and-a-half-digital multimeterwith high resolution of 0.1 uV; 30 k/s high-speed acquisition, which is conducive to capturing transient signals;twosets of input ports, front and rear, convenient for testing system wiring; standard bar graphs, histograms, trend graphs and data statistics Function; Dual display measurement function, simultaneously display voltage and frequency; Multiple measurement functions: DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, AC current, 2-wire resistance, 4-wire resistance, capacitance, diode, continuity, frequency, period, temperature , the current range is up to 10 A;the 4.3-inch 64K color LCD screen; the operation is simple and the measurement interface is rich.
HDP4000 Series Linear Programmable Power Supplies
4.3-inch color display, real-time display of voltage/current/power values and waveforms, making the output status and trend clear at a glance; 1mV/1mA high resolution, <350 μVrms / 2 mVpp low ripple noise, 245W high output power, ≤50μs fast transient response; electrical isolation between four channels and each channel is continuously adjustable; overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, short circuit protection functions; timing and delay output, constant voltage, constant current functions; four working modes: independent, series, parallel and tracking;digital keyboard input, storage, keyboard lock function; rich interface configuration: USB HOST, USB DEVICE, digital I/O interface, LAN, RS232/485, GPIB.
At present, Qingdao Hantekeducation products have spread all over China, serving many universities and scientific research institutes, continuing to provide teachers and students with high-quality and high-performance testing and measuring equipment, delivering intelligent integration of production and education, scientific education, and make modest contributions to the bright future of the motherland towards a strong country in higher education.