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New products come | 16bits Vertical Resolution, 100MHz Function/Arbitrary Signal GeneratorHDG3000 Series is on the market!
July 6, 2022
HDG3000B combines 5 functions of arbitrary waveform generator, pulse generator, function generator, harmonic generator and frequency meter. Using DDS direct digital frequency synthesis technology, stable, pure and low distortion output signal can be generated. The user-friendly interface design and keyboard layout bring users an extraordinary experience. Rich configuration interface makes it easy to control the instrument by computer and provides more solutions for user measurement.
Three-channel signal output, 0~100MHz
Frequency range (CH1/CH2): 1 μ Hz ~ 100MHz/80MHz/60MHz/40MHz/25MHz; CH3:1 μ Hz ~ 20MHz。 Up to 300MSa/s sampling rate, 16bits vertical resolution ensures the accuracy of waveform amplitude. Standard configuration of dual channels with equal performance, equivalent to two independent signal sources; CH3 fixed output.
Standardized maximum output bandwidth 15MHz square wave
Frequency range: 1 μ Hz~15MHz; Adjustable offset:±5V; Adjustable phase: 0° ~ 360°
Standard more than 160 arbitrary waveforms, built-in 16th harmonic generator function
There are more than 160 arbitrary signals such as exponential rise, exponential decrease, ECG signal, Gauss, half-positive vector, Lorenz, Dual-tone multi-frequency, DC voltage, etc. Built-in 16th harmonic generator function that outputs harmonics with specified number, amplitude and phase. It is often used in the testing of harmonic detection or harmonic filter devices.
Standardized dual-channel output burst function
Supports sudden output control by internal, manual or external triggers; Supports three types of bursts, including multi-cycle, infinite-cycle and gated
HDG3000 series function/arbitrary waveform generator, powerful and stable output, can be used in production testing, instrument maintenance and laboratory. It is also widely used in other fields of science and technology, such as medicine, education, chemistry, communications, geophysics, industrial control, military and astronautics.